Friday, August 1, 2014


Dear Family,

Im sure you're all wondering if I'm still alive haha.  I am. Don't worry.  Wow this weekend has just been so eventful I don't know where to begin.  Too many things to talk about.  

For starters, our little boos were baptized.  So adorable.  They are the cousins of Yanique the little boy we baptized in March.  They are part of a big family in our branch. The parents of the little boys are all inactive, but the uncle has decided to take them all under his wing and help them.  The talks at the baptism were really sweet about how we are saving a generation of this family. The mom was able to come at the last minute and see the baptism and she was crying.  So that was great.  She lives really far from the chapel, but we are trying to reactivate her.  We also called a random contact and it turns out it is the husband of the older sister of this family.  They have three little girls.  So we really want to focus on this family and help bring all the members of this family back together.  How cute would it be for us to baptize more of the cousins? It has really helped me to understand my purpose as a missionary in helping families come together forever.  

Ok so Sunday morning we flew back to Puerto Rico, we missed our church so I hope all of our investigators and converts were ok with out us!  We got in just in time to make it to the Hato Rey ward in Puerto Rico.  Sunday we just worked with the sisters in Hato Rey.  Wow my spanish :/ haha  it was coming back though at the end of the day.  Just needed a little brush up.  We stayed the night with the sisters and then the next day we all went to the sisters conference.  

Wow.  The conference was so amazing.  I don't even know how to explain it.  It was just great.  Sister Zwick and President Zwick spoke and Sherry Dew!  She was able to come out to speak to us which was so awesome.  It was the best conference I've ever been to.  It was all about the grace of Jesus Christ and how we can use it in our lives.  I have so much to study from it these next few weeks.  They also talked about gifts of the spirit.  A lot of times we think of gifts as the ones listed in the scriptures but  gifts of the spirit are any characteristic of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  So there are so many inconspicuous gifts that we have.  For example, gift of hearing, gift of listening, gift of caring, gift of pondering, gift of calm, gift of seeking help from God... the list goes on.  So next time you feel like you don't have any gifts, remember that everyone has gifts from God.  We just need to recognize, develop, and share them!

I could go on about the conference all day but unfortunately I have a time limit.  Anyways after the conference we all went to the mission home and ate lunch.  So good. Wow.  real food is good.  Its a nice change from cereal and quesadillas!   It was fun to be there with all the sisters and see everyone.  We didn't leave until later so we didn't have time to do emails.  After we just worked in the sisters area and slept there again and now we are just waiting for our flight back to St. Kitts.  It leaves at 3.  

Oh. Another big shocker.  They took all the missionaries off of the islands except for our island and Dominica.  There are Elders in Dominica.  So that was crazy.  And they are going to take us off probably at the end of next transfer when another senior couple comes.  So that is crazy. Don't know what to think about that!  I guess i will probably be back in Puerto Rico for the last 4 weeks.  It will be fine to just have a couple there though.  The branch could use some strengthening and they will take care of all of our converts.  

That's basically it. Today is Sister Watkins birthday.  Unfortunately we are just going to be at the airport but we will find something fun to do!  Happy Birthday to Grandpa JO!  Wish I could be there to celebrate!  

As they say in St. Kitts

One. Love. Respect. God Bless. 

Sista Cole

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