Saturday, June 21, 2014


Dear Family, 

     Well…. I am staying here for another 6 weeks with Sister Watkins.  Crazy huh?  This will be my 5thtransfer here.   We are excited.  So much to still do here.  Obviously we were meant to be companions, ever since that 4th birthday party. 

    This was a good week.  A little slower, we’ve weeded out most of our investigators so we are going back to the finding stages.  Karin was baptized on Saturday.  I always love the days leading up to a baptism because they are really big faith builders.  There is always a trial before a baptism and the investigator and the missionaries need to have lots of faith to overcome it.  Karin interview went well and everything was great until a few hours before the baptism, and she said she wanted to postpone it.  After lots of prayers and faith, she was feeling confident again.  Her baptism was amazing.  The spirit was so strong and we had 42 people there!  One of the best baptisms I’ve been too.  After she shared her testimony with everyone; it was a really special night. 
    Our new member Macken passed the sacrament on Sunday.  He did so well.  He is progressing quickly and the branch is doing a great job of helping him.  He is excited to have his first family home evening this week and teach his family the gospel.

     Either this weekend or next weekend the little boys we are teaching are going to be baptized.  They are so excited.  The older one is 14 and the younger one is 10.  They’ve already read like 10 chapters in the book of Mormon.  They are the nephews of one of the families in our branch.  Their parents are less active but the uncle is really taking them under his wing and has committed to help them stay active.  Hopefully their parents will follow soon.  They are the cousin of the other little boy we baptized here.  So he’s being just a good little missionary to them and showing them how to be reverent in church.  It’s so cute. 
     After the boys, we don’t have that many progressing investigators so we are going on a hunt for middle aged men that can be leaders!  Haha but really we need some more priesthood here.  So that’s our new direction.  Also there are a lot of Chinese people here randomly; There’s a Taiwanese embassy.  Sister Watkins has a friend serving in Asia and she baptizes like 2 people every week.  So we are going to try to contact some Asians.  We are thinking about starting an English class and trying to find some Asians and Dominicans. We will see what happens with that! 

   Well. that’s about it for this week.  We are looking forward to another 6 weeks here!  Which I don’t know now what will happen for my last 4 weeks if I will stay here or go back to Puerto Rico. So I guess we will just see when we get there.  But it sounds like everyone is doing well.  Lots of bike riding and family field trips!  Jealous!! 

Shout out to Dad!  Happy Father’s Day! 

Love to All

Sister Cole

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