Saturday, June 21, 2014


Dear Family,
     I can't believe its May 19.  The time is going by way to fast.  This was a really good week.  We had 8 investigators at church on Sunday.  That's the most I've had my whole mission.  On Wednesday we had our little missionary huddle with the members and asked them the four qustions President Zwick encouraged us to ask.  The names of the people coming to church, with baptismal dates, who will come with us to lessons, and who else we can teach.  We handed out a list of the names of our investigators who we expected to see at church on Sunday and invited them to pray for them with us.  We had half of them there!  It truly was a miracle that we had 8 at church and I know it was because the members were involved!  
    Our investigator Mckeun, was going to get baptized  this Saturday but we decided to push it to the next week so he can finish the 12 step recovery program.   He truly has had the biggest change in his life.  It is amazing to see the atonement work in the lives of my investigators.  It was so cute we told him we were going to move the date and he said, well the book of mormon is teaching me patience so i will gladly wait to be baptized.  
     He reads the book of mormon everyday and really is progressing.  I am so blessed that i can be apart of his change.  
     Our new convert avarnel is doing well.  We found out from one of her neighbors that she was abused by her late husband and that's why she has a lot of brain damage.   When we found that out we were so glad that Heavenly Father put her in our path and we were able to baptize her.  She truly needs to feel love and she is so happy in church.  
    President Zwick and his wife should be coming this weekend so we are looking forward to that. 
    I don't have too much time today sorry, i wish i could write longer but we are having computer problems.  Anyways, thanks for all the love, support, and sacrifices!

Sister Cole

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