Saturday, June 21, 2014


Dear Family,
obviously i spent the whole time trying to send you pictures haha.  sorry. so i don't have much time to write!  but wow this week was so great.  I love President Zwick and Sister Zwick.  They are the nicest people ever.  They were at church on sunday and gave great talks.  We had 10 investigators there!  And they all loved their talks and now they all want to be baptized!! so we have Mckeun this saturday, hopefully Reshma the next week. and John Mills the next!  And then the next hopefully a girl named Carina.  
We are being so blessed in our area, and in our mission.  In the month of may our mission might be able to have 90 baptisms!  Thats more than we had all last year.  So everyone is really excited.  

There's just too much to write this week and not enough time!  But Sister Zwick taught us something really important about giving talks and teaching people.  She said the best way to do it is to state the principle that you are going to teach, then give a personal experience that teaches that principle and then support it with the doctrine and then testify.  If you look at all the general conference talks they follow that pattern. Lots of times we try to teach too many principles at once or share too many experiences but its so much stronger if we just do one!  

Also, she gave us a journal and said that most of the time we write down our experiences in our journals but we never write down the principles that we learn from them.  So she invited us to just write down all the little things that happen and then go back and ponder and write down the principle that you can learn from it.  we all have lots of trials and challenges and just every day living that we learn from but how often to we ponder and define what we have learned.

Anyways.. this week should be really busy so we are excited. but i have to go love to all!

PS. they gave us permission to go to Nevis today.. we've been dreaming about nevis for the last 6 months!  we are so excitedd!!!!! yay.  So expect pictures of nevis next week!  


Sister Cole 

Bunty the dog who lives at our house

The killer centipede that ran over my foot

President and Sister Zwick

The Peninsula-to the right is the Caribbean, to the left is the Atlantic

Romney Manor

Skyping with the fam on Mother's Day

St. Kitts Wall

Sundar family birthday dinner

Volcano rainbow

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