Saturday, June 21, 2014


Dear Family,
     This week has been crazy.  President Smartt and his wife were released on Monday, Sister Smartt was diagnosed with MS.  So it has been an emotional week.  We were really upset and sad to see them go so unexpectedly.  Keep their family in your prayers.  Elder Cornish of the 70 and Area Presidency came for the week, and President Zwick and his wife arrived on Saturday night.  I think they will just be here untilJuly 1 and then they will call another mission president for the next three years.  So I have no idea what the next 4 months will be like.  
       I'm assuming I'm staying here for the next transfer.  We haven't heard anything and they usually tell us on Saturday, so another 6 weeks in St. Kitts.  Which I am really happy about.  I still feel like I haven't completed what we need to do together here.  But we are getting closer every day.  Hopefully this next transfer will go well.  We're trying out some new contacting area ideas to get the branch to grow.  
       Our investigator Avanelle is getting baptized on Friday night.  We are really excited for her.  She is a character.  When we met the first time, Sister Rivas and I were walking down the street and holding the Book of Mormon.  She walked up to us and asked us what the book was.  We told her it was the Book of Mormon and before we could even explain anything she just took it and ran off.  We were trying to catch up to her to get her information and she just said she would meet us one day in the park haha.  So about a month later we ran into her in the street and she just walked beside us and briefly told us that she met a member while she was reading the book in the park.  We tried to set up another appointment again but she ran off again.  So at the beginning of this transfer, I was thinking about whatever happened to her and that day we ran into her in town.  We finally got her phone number and made an appointment to meet with her in the park.  So we met with her the next day and she told us she had finished the whole book and was going back and reading the last part again.  At first I didn't believe her but then started sharing with us a lot about the people and the stories in it.  So ever since then she has been coming to church and to all of our lessons.  Its hard to know what she understands because as we teach she just repeats everything we say.  But she's read the whole book of mormon which is more than majority than all the members here haha. Anyways so we had scheduled an interview with President Smartt when he was going to come out but because they went home, she was never interviewed.  So Elder Cornish ended up interviewing her on the phone. But she passed!  So she is going to be baptized on Friday.  She's already an oldy here at church, she sits in the back and lounges on the members here. haha she really is a character.  After teaching her the word of wisdom, we went through everything that we need to abstain from and we asked her if she had any questions about what she can and can't eat and she was like well i just don't really like the pig snouts.  I mean if thats the only meat they are selling that day, I will eat it, but I don't really like it. haha.  I agree that should be against the word of wisdom too haha.  
       Besides Avanelle, things are picking up.  We are weeding through all of our area book.  We've contacted more than half of the people in there.  We found a really awesome family that has a lot of potential.  They used to come to church a lot in the past and were almost baptized but I guess they moved and just stopped coming.  So we found them and the mom is the perfect mom.  She is really interested in her family and is all about doing family things, which is rare culture here, so we are hoping to get somewhere with them.  We also found a man that has 5 daughters and he turns out to be family of one of the members.  So high hopes for him!  
        We had a really amazing experience at the beginning of the week in Sandy Point.  We've been praying a lot to know if we should be contacting over there, because its kind of far from the chapel. Every time we contact over there, we always meet these great people and the spirit is so strong when we teach them.  One of them is already in the middle of 2 Nephi.  He reads the Book of Mormon every day.  So we went earlier this week and we were praying for confirmation.  We taught one of the ladies we had contacted the other day.  She began to tell us the reason why she is meeting with us.  She said that the night before we met she had a dream that she met two young girls in the street and one of them told her 11 and the other said 15. She didn't think anything of it until after she met us.  When we met her she was walking back to her house with her groceries and we offered to help.  We started talking about the church and when we got to her house we taught her a short lesson.  At the end, we gave her a book of mormon and we were talking about page numbers and I said 11 and Sister Watkins said 15.  So she said that after we left she couldn't stop thinking about the dream she had, and she knew that Heavenly Father wanted her to talk to us because we were the girls she met in her dream.  
          It really is amazing how aware our Heavenly Father is of us and our needs.  He knows what we are going through and who can help us the best and who we can help.  If we listen to the promptings we will be led and guided to those people.  I can't imagine what would have happened if we had ignored the prompting to help her with her groceries!  
      Well we are excited for another transfer together and are really praying to meet those prepared people!  We are going over to a members to skype so 7:30 pm my time so i think that's 5:30 your time?  Hopefully Michelle can make it back for that, or at least the end maybe.  And anyone that wants to can come over!  
Well lots of love from the carribean!  

sister cole 

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