Monday, March 10, 2014


Dear Family,
This was a pretty good week.  A little slower than last week but we are working hard.Lots of contacting!! haha  Our investigators are just slowing down a bit so we just have to have more patience!  But other than that things are going really well. We found a few old investigators that have some potential and have some appointments made for this week.  We went to Brimstone Fortress  last p day so that was really cool and beautiful.  It had a great view of the island.  We are so blessed to be serving here in st. kitts.  Minus the occasional cockroach in the shower and frog in the mop. haha.  Thats so awesome that President Uchtdorf came to sacrament.  I'm so jealous!  I wish I could have been there!  Good job on everyone's biking.  I'm really impressed.  I hope that Chito's surgrey goes well.  Tell Justin I said congratulations on his marriage. And....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALYSSA JO JO.   11 years old so cray cray.  i will try to send a letter but idk when it will arrive! haha.  Anyways I will try to send some pics of the fort.  lovess!!! also found out my release date is aug. 28.  just a heads up!  Because happy year mark to me!  Time is going by way to fast.  I can't believe it has been a year already.  
sister cole 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hi family,
Things are so great out here in little kitty land.  we have a baptism date!  I am so excited its not until the end of march but he's really prepared.  He's been searching for something in his life but he didn't know what and he told us that he can feel the full spirit when he is at the church as opposed to all the other churchs he's been to he can only feel it partly.  He couldn't go to chruch on sunday though because he lost his credit card and had no gas in his card. He was really upset he couldn't go but he's coming next week for sure!  Also we are teaching this family, a mom and her 9 year old daughter.  They were taught about 5 years ago and went to church a lot.  But never were baptized.  So we've been teaching them for about a month and a half and they finally came to church! and the mom was crying during church and she said she will definitely be back.  So we are hoping for a date with them at the end of march.  and then to start teaching the rest of her family.  she is so sweet, she works at a bakery and then brings us back bread and cookies every time we teach.  Also our land lord and his wife made us a really nice dinner last night.  it was soo good.  Nice to actually eat a real meal!  Umm also we had like 3 people this week tell us they know the book of mormon is true and this is Christ's restored  church.  So that was a miracle! we've been teaching this one lady for awhile and the missionaries have been teaching her off and on for years.  Her husband is a Jehovahs Witness and she's kind of skeptical but this week she told us she was really praying and she knows the book of mormon is true.  we were shocked because we were about to drop her as investigators but it was a miracle! anyways  i have to go.  we are going to go to brimstone fortress today and do some sight seeing! so ttyl! 
xoxo from the caribean! ps. mom i never got the package its at the office still.  hopefully someone will bring it out soon. 
love you all bye!