Monday, August 5, 2013


Dear Family,

Another week has gone by so fast!  I've already been out almost 5 months already and it feels like I just left.  First off I just want to say  I love the new addition to the family! Pippa is adorable and I can't wait to meet her.  She just looks like a little fuzz ball.  Looks like everyone is having so much fun.  Im sorry that summer is ending for you guys.  I get so confused with the months because its just always summer here.  It feels weird that its already time for school to start for you guys.  

Anyways this week was really amazing. 

We were so amazed at how the Lord really is preparing the hearts of the people.  All we had to do was to listen the the spirit and visit him when we felt the impression to.  
Anyways we are working really hard here! And yes I am still in my first area.  Transfers are in 3 weeks.  I don't know if I will be transfered or not yet and i wont find out until the day before haha.  But I really like it here, its beautiful.  The other day I found out that I'm only 5 minutes away from the beach haha. We drove by it on the way to a members house.  Its beautiful!  Its probably a good thing I didn't know it was there before haha.  Anyways my lice is better haha.  Still have to disinfect everything again and probably do another hair treatment.  And yes I am going to start wearing my hair up more.  I haven't gotten the package yet.  Mainly because I only get mail every week or two.  I should get it soon though so thank you so much!  

I'm glad that dad is practicing his spanish too! haha i hope my spanish is improving i can't really tell.  I think i still talk like a russian speaking spanish so maybe one day i will learn to say my rs right.  its hard because here they don't say their r's right either so my companion is trying to teach me her perfect panamian spanish ;) haha But she helps me a lot, so i think my spanish is alright.  Anyways, crazy that everyone is getting married! super crazy!  

well i have to go but i love you all and i hope everyone is making sure to read the scriptures every day!  Thanks for all the prayers and support!  

love hermana cole

PS. Happy birthday Mom!  I love you :)