Monday, July 29, 2013


Dear family,
this week was one of those trials of our faith.  i have lice.  i cried but im ok, i will survive.  there are lots of sacrifices that comes with missionary work right?  ugh.. haha we found out at like 10 on saturday night and we couldn't go to the store or anything so we put mayo in my hair haha. it was another traumatizing experience.  
besides the lice... everything is good!  we are still visiting lots of families and trying to catch up on contacting all the people that said we could return.  we still have one baptismal date for next week so im excited about that!  this week i realized how powerful the introduction page of the book of mormon is.  It tells us exactly what we need to do to have a testimony of the book of mormon and why it is important to know that it is true.  We shared it this week with a few investigators, really focusing on the last two paragraphs and the spirit was so strong.  I encourage you all to read the introduction page and then do what it says! 
our new president is President Smartt.  he is from alabama.  He's really great and has a lot of energy and enthusiasm to do the work!  
I'm glad that everyone enjoyed their vacation!  Sounds like it was so fun.  I'm really jealous that you guys got to go there!  and super jealous of lauren and spencer!  speaking of its lauren's birthdaytomorrow!  yay! happy birthday!  
well i will try to send some pictures i love you all and you are all in my prayers!


Monday, July 22, 2013


hi family! 
so it has been raining like crazy here!  Big storms! But don't worry we are safe.  haha Nothing we can't handle. This week went by so fast.  We've been visiting a lot of less active families and we are really close to helping some families be baptized.  Yesterday we had 4 investigators come to church which was so good!  And a lot of our less active families came also!  Sunday mornings are crazy because we try and go to peoples houses and wake them up for church haha.  We go to someones house wake them up make them breakfast and tell them we will see them at church! haha Its finally starting to work haha.  Also one of the families that we had a baptism date for a few weeks ago is trying to prepare for baptism again.  We don't have a date yet but we are working really hard!  Whenever we get close, Satan also throws some huge challenge in the way before baptism.  It's really frustrating haha.  But we are learning to pray and fast lots.  Which is good because I eat so much here.  Ahh I go to one persons house and they give us a feast and then the next person gives us food too... and the next haha.  Also all the fried food is making my face break out :( so if you have any stronger face wash that would be nice haha.  Oh also, my temple puzzle broke :( Can you send another one because I really like it.  And we've been using the kids books you sent, and they really help alot so thank you!  I always have a ton that I want to say and then when i get to the computer i can't think of anything because I am so rushed haha. so sorry.  but i can't believe you guys are going to nauvoo!  thats so fun.  I am so jealous! Thanks for all of the pics!  Oh did you happen to see Maddie in South Dakota?! haha probably not but it just reminded me of her.  Sounds like everyone is off on a fun adventure... and michelle and chito are with grandma in the cemetery.. hahaha jkjk  just thought that was funny.  well take advantage of going to all the church sites while you're there!  I've been studying a lot about the church history lately.  It really is so amazing how much they sacrificed for us to carry the message of the restoration to the world.  It helps motivate me to know that the pioneers sacrificed everything and I have the opportunity to carry on their work!  Happy pioneer day this week!! and enjoy your trip!  Love to all 
hermana cole 


hi family! today's another holiday here so all the libraries are closed so i don't have much time to write.  but we found a really good family to teach this week and i'm super excited to teach them.  hopefully we will have a lot of baptism dates this week!  transfers are on wednesday so im not sure if im getting transferred or not.  i hope i can stay here for another transfer.  Thank you so much for the packages!  Im excited to use all the stuff.  We are teaching more little kids so it will be really helpful.  And the shoes fit perfect, so tell grandma thank you very much!! 
Im glad that you guys had fun on your trip!  and thank you for the pictures it looks like a lot of fun.  im excited to see all the pictures from the europe trip too!  well i have to go now but thanks for all your love and support and emails!  sorry i can't write much today.  lots of love!  
hermana cole 

Monday, July 8, 2013

7/8/13-Four Month Mark!

happy fourth of july!
sounds like you guys had tons of fun at bear lake.  im glad all worked out for you guys.  there weren't any fireworks where i live but i know that in San Juan there are.  The people here celebrate the fourth but not like we do.  They just have work off and usually go to the beach.  I didn't really see much festivities.  I can't believe Lauren and Spencer are going to Europe already!  Time really is going by so fast!  I've already almost been out here for 4 months. And then they come back and get their puppy and move to Oregon!  So fun!  I've been trying to think of names but the only names I can think of are all Latin now haha might be a little weird for the puppy.  Thank you for sending the packages!  I am so excited to get them!  Thank you grandma for the shoes! I really need them!  That's so exciting that you are going to San Francisco again! I am a little jealous!  If you get a chance send me a better picture of the Oakland temple!  And thank you to Jo Jo for the craft model and for the email!
If you can you should definitely go to Nauvoo.  I really want to go there when I get back. IT's such an important part of the church's history.  
Anyways.. this week we visited a lot of less active families.  We are making a lot of progress with them!  We also have an investigator right now that is trying to stop smoking and drinking so we go to her house every morning and night to help her and she is making a lot of progress.  It's really amazing what can be done with faith.  Last night we had a really special experience with one of our investigators that we've been working with for awhile.  He is progressing so much!  Anyways... I don't have much more time to write but I love you guys. and I hope all is well.  Thank you for all the love and support!  I love seeing the Tina monkey in all the pictures!  xoxo!


Hi family!
So this week was so great!  We finally had our baptism for the two little kids.  It was definitely the highlight of my week.  They were so excited and they sang I am a child of God by themselves.  Their mom and grandma gave talks at the baptism too, which was really special for them to participate.  We have a super fun family home evening planned for them this week too, we are going to make a family title of liberty and share the story of Captain Moroni in Alma 46. The mom always makes us food when we come over and its really hard to not gain any weight here. ahhh Im learning to like plaintains too haha.  They're pretty good if they are cooked right.  Well if they are fried and with fry sauce haha.  Also I eat mango and star fruit every day.  One of the members gives us a bag of mango and starfruit every time we go over there.  She's going to teach us how to cook next week haha.  
So this week we changed presidents, we haven't met him yet but we should be meeting him tomorrow!  Besides that nothing really new just working hard still.  We have about two progressing investigators and lots of people that we need to follow up with!  Its still raining a lot, but getting hotter too.  Not as hot as Utah or Arizona though so we are lucky!  It's just humid.  
Well sounds like you guys had a really really crazy week!  Thats too bad about lake powell and the boat, but bear lake will be lots of fun.  It's really pretty up there.
So the next package you send, you should send me some craft stuff like paper plates and construction paper and stuff because I teach a lot of kids and we do lots of lessons with the Book of Mormon stories.  I don't have much time I will try to send pictures of the baptism!  I forwarded some pictures from my president's farewell with the whole mission.  Oh and my favorite scripture is.. Moroni 10:32
Thanks for all the letters this week!  I expect to see lots of pictures of Europe and Bear Lake and the new baby puppy!! So cute! I will let you know if I think of any names!  And Damon and Kaycee are getting so big!  Thanks for keeping me updated.  Love you all :) 
Hermana Cole 


hi family! 
so today was a super p day!  Our President comes on Friday so today we had a last p day with the whole mission.  President Alvarado and his family took us all to the Morro is San Juan.  It reminded me a lot of the fort that we went to in Scotland!  Except a lot warmer... haha.  Same amount of rain though.  It was really pretty and fun to see more of Puerto Rico!  I felt like I was back in the states for a sec.  After we went to the chapel and had lunch and the President and his family spoke.  I'm sad I didn't get him as a president for longer, he's really great.  But I'm excited to meet our new President on Friday! This past week was another busy week!  We've been meeting with a lot of our members and less active families.  And we have another baptismal date! Our investigator is about 50 years old and he's been blind for 7 years. We've only taught him two lessons so far, but on Saturday we invited him to come to church and also set a date for his baptism in July!  It was super hard to find a ride for him to come to church because we don't have very many members in our area.  All the members live closer to the chapel.  So all Saturday we tried calling people to give him a ride and couldn't find anyone.  Sunday morning we went over to a less active family's house to have breakfast before church and we were counting on them to give him a ride as our last hope and when we got to their house they didn't really let us in.  We were determined to try and get them to church so we waited outside their house for almost 15 to twenty minutes.  Finally they came to the door and said they were going to get ready while we made them breakfast.  So my companion and I made pancakes, and at 8:15 they were still getting ready and we still didn't have a ride for our investigator.  So we tried calling to the family in the house and no one would answer.. they were probably hiding haha.. so we called one of our investigators to see if he could give our other investigator a ride and he could!  So we had to leave and show him where he lived, but the family wouldn't answer us haha so we ended up leaving the pancakes with a note on the table and leaving.  And we barely made it to church on time!  It was honestly a miracle that we were able to find him a ride.  If we have faith, the Lord will provide a way, but we have to work for it!  It was a crazy morning! haha Then last night was a conference for all the bishops and counselors and stake presidents and missionaries!  So we watched the conference at the mission office. It was all about how the members and the missionaries have to work together to do the mission work.  And how missionary work has changed so much in the past few years.  They talked about how media is now a huge part of the missionary work and they showed a slide clip of missionaries using facebook and tablets and stuff and we all laughed becuase that's definitely not how ours is haha.  President said that when the new President comes he will most likely be bringing those changes though.  So it will be really interesting to see how that all pans out. 
So Friday is our first baptism!! I am so excited.  Its the boy and girl that we've been teaching for about a month now.  I can't wait! I will send lots of pictures next week!  
Anyways its sounds like you guys are all doing really well and busy!  The birthday festivities looked so fun!  Happy birthday Grandpa and Riley and Joey!! Lake powell next week sounds like a lot of fun!  And I can't believe Lauren and Spencer bought the dog! What kind did you decide on?  When will you get it?  So exciting!! Oh thank you so much for the package!! I loved all the clothes and the pillow case.  And the book is so useful thank you!  Everything in it was great!  I think I am good on everything now.  Thank you so much!  If I need anything I will let you know!! And tell Grandma thank you for the shoes!! 
I am really looking forward to this next week!  I am so excited for all the work that has to be done!! Thank you for everthing!! Lots of love! 
xoxo hermana cole