Monday, July 22, 2013


hi family! 
so it has been raining like crazy here!  Big storms! But don't worry we are safe.  haha Nothing we can't handle. This week went by so fast.  We've been visiting a lot of less active families and we are really close to helping some families be baptized.  Yesterday we had 4 investigators come to church which was so good!  And a lot of our less active families came also!  Sunday mornings are crazy because we try and go to peoples houses and wake them up for church haha.  We go to someones house wake them up make them breakfast and tell them we will see them at church! haha Its finally starting to work haha.  Also one of the families that we had a baptism date for a few weeks ago is trying to prepare for baptism again.  We don't have a date yet but we are working really hard!  Whenever we get close, Satan also throws some huge challenge in the way before baptism.  It's really frustrating haha.  But we are learning to pray and fast lots.  Which is good because I eat so much here.  Ahh I go to one persons house and they give us a feast and then the next person gives us food too... and the next haha.  Also all the fried food is making my face break out :( so if you have any stronger face wash that would be nice haha.  Oh also, my temple puzzle broke :( Can you send another one because I really like it.  And we've been using the kids books you sent, and they really help alot so thank you!  I always have a ton that I want to say and then when i get to the computer i can't think of anything because I am so rushed haha. so sorry.  but i can't believe you guys are going to nauvoo!  thats so fun.  I am so jealous! Thanks for all of the pics!  Oh did you happen to see Maddie in South Dakota?! haha probably not but it just reminded me of her.  Sounds like everyone is off on a fun adventure... and michelle and chito are with grandma in the cemetery.. hahaha jkjk  just thought that was funny.  well take advantage of going to all the church sites while you're there!  I've been studying a lot about the church history lately.  It really is so amazing how much they sacrificed for us to carry the message of the restoration to the world.  It helps motivate me to know that the pioneers sacrificed everything and I have the opportunity to carry on their work!  Happy pioneer day this week!! and enjoy your trip!  Love to all 
hermana cole 

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