Monday, July 29, 2013


Dear family,
this week was one of those trials of our faith.  i have lice.  i cried but im ok, i will survive.  there are lots of sacrifices that comes with missionary work right?  ugh.. haha we found out at like 10 on saturday night and we couldn't go to the store or anything so we put mayo in my hair haha. it was another traumatizing experience.  
besides the lice... everything is good!  we are still visiting lots of families and trying to catch up on contacting all the people that said we could return.  we still have one baptismal date for next week so im excited about that!  this week i realized how powerful the introduction page of the book of mormon is.  It tells us exactly what we need to do to have a testimony of the book of mormon and why it is important to know that it is true.  We shared it this week with a few investigators, really focusing on the last two paragraphs and the spirit was so strong.  I encourage you all to read the introduction page and then do what it says! 
our new president is President Smartt.  he is from alabama.  He's really great and has a lot of energy and enthusiasm to do the work!  
I'm glad that everyone enjoyed their vacation!  Sounds like it was so fun.  I'm really jealous that you guys got to go there!  and super jealous of lauren and spencer!  speaking of its lauren's birthdaytomorrow!  yay! happy birthday!  
well i will try to send some pictures i love you all and you are all in my prayers!


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