Monday, July 8, 2013


Hi family!
So this week was so great!  We finally had our baptism for the two little kids.  It was definitely the highlight of my week.  They were so excited and they sang I am a child of God by themselves.  Their mom and grandma gave talks at the baptism too, which was really special for them to participate.  We have a super fun family home evening planned for them this week too, we are going to make a family title of liberty and share the story of Captain Moroni in Alma 46. The mom always makes us food when we come over and its really hard to not gain any weight here. ahhh Im learning to like plaintains too haha.  They're pretty good if they are cooked right.  Well if they are fried and with fry sauce haha.  Also I eat mango and star fruit every day.  One of the members gives us a bag of mango and starfruit every time we go over there.  She's going to teach us how to cook next week haha.  
So this week we changed presidents, we haven't met him yet but we should be meeting him tomorrow!  Besides that nothing really new just working hard still.  We have about two progressing investigators and lots of people that we need to follow up with!  Its still raining a lot, but getting hotter too.  Not as hot as Utah or Arizona though so we are lucky!  It's just humid.  
Well sounds like you guys had a really really crazy week!  Thats too bad about lake powell and the boat, but bear lake will be lots of fun.  It's really pretty up there.
So the next package you send, you should send me some craft stuff like paper plates and construction paper and stuff because I teach a lot of kids and we do lots of lessons with the Book of Mormon stories.  I don't have much time I will try to send pictures of the baptism!  I forwarded some pictures from my president's farewell with the whole mission.  Oh and my favorite scripture is.. Moroni 10:32
Thanks for all the letters this week!  I expect to see lots of pictures of Europe and Bear Lake and the new baby puppy!! So cute! I will let you know if I think of any names!  And Damon and Kaycee are getting so big!  Thanks for keeping me updated.  Love you all :) 
Hermana Cole 

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