Monday, July 22, 2013


hi family! today's another holiday here so all the libraries are closed so i don't have much time to write.  but we found a really good family to teach this week and i'm super excited to teach them.  hopefully we will have a lot of baptism dates this week!  transfers are on wednesday so im not sure if im getting transferred or not.  i hope i can stay here for another transfer.  Thank you so much for the packages!  Im excited to use all the stuff.  We are teaching more little kids so it will be really helpful.  And the shoes fit perfect, so tell grandma thank you very much!! 
Im glad that you guys had fun on your trip!  and thank you for the pictures it looks like a lot of fun.  im excited to see all the pictures from the europe trip too!  well i have to go now but thanks for all your love and support and emails!  sorry i can't write much today.  lots of love!  
hermana cole 

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