Monday, April 28, 2014


Dear Family
This week was much better than last week.  We are teaching a lot of people, and trying to find those that are ready to commit.  We had four investigators at church on Sunday.  Our investigator Avanelle is planning to be baptized on May 10.  She has been keeping all of her commitments, she's starting the Book of Mormon for the second time now, and she came to church yesterday and paid tithing!  
  We have another investigator named Mckeun.  Every time we visit him, there is a huge change in his countenance.  He used to be very quick to anger and hopeless about change.  Since he started reading the Book of Mormon, he truly has calmed down a lot and is striving to repent and change his life.  He is working on keeping to word of wisdom now, and working towards a baptism date at the end of May.  It is amazing how the Book of Mormon really has a power of its own.  
   We are teaching a family from Guyana right now and they came to church for the first time yesterday.  The wife is very hopeful about the gospel changing her family's life.  One of the recent converts in our branch is really excited to help this family also because they come from a very similar situation. 
    Anyways, last week was rough, so Sister Watkins and I got pedicures... It was seriously needed.  so no regrets.  a year of walking everyday all day gives you a lot of calluses.  Our mission president is coming today or tomorrow so idk if we will do anything for pday today.  
    This week was good though, lots of work.  I'm exhausted.  Mainly because I have insomnia.  Probably due to the fact that we have a cockroach, centipede, rat infested apartment.  SOS.  
     I dont have much to write about this week.  Just lots of contacting in the hot sun.  But we found a lot of potential investigators so hopefully we will see some success there.  i dont have any pictures either.  Just took pictures of all the bugs living in our apartment, so i thought id spare you those.  
     I hope everyone is doing well.  Crazy how time flies.    I will be home in exactly 4 months from today :/  

Lots of love
Sister Cole 

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