Monday, April 14, 2014


Hello family!  I hope everyone is doing well this week!! Happy birthday again to JO JO!  i can't believe she is 11! Looks like the birthday party was super fun!  so good news!!!  On Saturday we have a baptism!!!!!! A little 10 year old boy that we are teaching is getting baptized and his uncle is going to baptize him!  We are so excited!  Its been quite the ordeal getting everything figured out but we finally got the permission we need and he will be baptized on Saturday!  Yay! Friday was the relief society aniversary so the rf did a nice fancy dinner here in the chapel.  IT was fun and we had an investigator come which was seriously a miracle because she has been taught on and off for a long time and has never come to the church.  And then we taught her on Saturday and she told us that she knows the church is true!! So she is praying about baptism.  We have a lot of investigators who are just right there, they just need to committ! But we are working hard and we should have a few baptismal dates in April! We are teaching another women tonight who knows the Book of Mormon is true.  We are just working on helping her recognize the connection.  On Sunday some random guy came to church.  He sang me a song about Jesus Christ and pizza and then asked me if I could sign a paper stating he was alive haha.  The branch was a little concerned about the people we are teaching, but we arent teaching him haha he just came!  So not our fault.  We are also teaching this little old woman who is so adorable.  She loves crafts so after every lesson she gives us a 5 minute craft lesson haha.  She is helping us weave a basket and make kittian dolls!  But we think she has a lot of potential.  She wanted a book of mormon and to come to church before we even invited! Then on Thursday we celebrated my 1 year mark!  Yay.  We went to this little restaurant called shipwreck.  And had burgers and sweet potatoe fries.  I think that may have been my first burger in a whole year!  But the restauarnt is like on the beach haha so you will all be super jealous!  I will send pics!  But thats all for the week.  It went pretty well!  Minus  we think there are rats in our apartment haha.  Sister Watkins and I were so scared we both woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back asleep at all on Saturday!  So hopefully we can get that worked out..  But I'm glad that Chitos surgrey went well.  I hope he gets better soon!  Loves to all! Happy St. Patricks Day! 

Love Sister Cole

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