Monday, April 14, 2014


Dear Family,

Yanique was baptized!! Yay.  i don't have much time to write im sorry!  I spent all my time looking at Laurens pictures of her dogs haha.  Anyways, Yanique was baptized but i forgot my camera cord so i cant send pictures haha. but he's so cute.  he is 10 years old and he made us little bracelets.  This week we were bold and tried lots of different contacting ways. we went and talked to some gov officials and stuff.  we just walked up ot the building haha idk if its the equivalent of the white house but everything was super lax haha so they didn't care. hopefully we planted some seeds?  was as succesful as we liked but hopefully we will be blessed for being bold.  We've been having a frog live in our sink for the past week.  we decided last night that it couldn't last any longer, so we caught it and threw it outside.  a bit dramatic haha. anyways i have to go but i love you all sorry so short.  but thanks for everything allisons drill pics are BEAUTIFUL!  byeeee 

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