Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Dear Family,

Wow.  I can't believe that these are my last few days.  I am kind of in denial.  Sunday was really sad saying goodbye to the branch and being there for one last Sunday.  I am really going to miss it here.  I am so grateful for the opportunity that I've had to serve a mission.  It has truly been a life changing experience.  I have learned more here than I could have imagined.  Each companion, area, the people that I've met have truly had an impact on me.  Ahhh I'm so sad to leave.  

But.. we still have stuff to do here!  We are leaving on Wednesday morning, so Baptism tonight!  Wow.  It really is a miracle that our investigator is getting baptized today.  When Sister Howell first got here we made a goal to help someone be baptized before we left.  We have taught several lessons, racked our brains day and night, fasted, and prayed unceasingly.  When we bring a righteous goal to the Lord, He will help us to accomplish it!  Our investigator that we've been teaching for 8 months, is finally getting baptized.. yay! It's a miracle.  He's been coming to church and doing everything consistently for about 8 months, he just wouldn't committ to baptism.  So we started to get a little discouraged and lay off him for awhile, but when Sister Howell got here we decided to focus on him.  We held a special fast on Wednesday and then that night he agreed to be interviewed.  He didn't quite committ to baptism yet, but he committed to the interview.    The interview went really well, and he was able to recognize that he was prepared.  So... he's getting baptized tonight!  He told us that he was locking us out of the baptism and we weren't invited haha.  so we'll see how that goes haha. He might actually do that... plus he's kind of like the hulk.  But I know he'll come around and let us in haha.

Anyways i don't have much more to say.. i will see you guys soon??!! so crazy.. Thank you for all your love and support!!


Sister Cole 

I am so grateful for the opportunity that I've had to grow closer to my Savior Jesus Christ by bringing others unto Him.  I know that He lives and this is His work.  I am grateful to have been apart of it.  

I love this talk!  If you have a chance read it! 

Finishing like we started..Sister Howell and I in front of the chapel

Recent convert! 
Girls of the branch
Group leader and wife from Nevis

Cute baby monkey. I'm obsessed. Only a few days old. Maybe I will switch to Zoology? 

Meals these days..canned beans and canned peas

Rainy Caribbean day

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