Friday, August 1, 2014


Dear Family, 
Not much to write about this week.  It was kind of slow.  We don't have very many investigators that we are working with so we are trying to go through the area book and find some.  we've almost finished the whole area book.  So we are going to try to finish it this week.  

We are working with our recent converts family.  He has a wife and two kids.  We've had two family home evenings with them and they love it.  We made a little job chart for them and they love it.  The wife started reading the book of mormon so thats great.  we taught them about temples and they want to go.  so .. we just need to baptize the wife and kids first!  Hopefully we can baptize them before we leave.  We found out we will both be leaving on july 29 so just 4 more weeks here.  they are putting a senior couple out here and aren't sending young missionaries here.  so i guess we are sort of closing the area.  not really because the couple will baptize but just to young missionaries.

We have just a few other investigators right now.  Maybe one or two that could be baptized before we leave, so we are really praying for that.  i got moms package.  thank you!  i will be in puerto in 4 weeks. so don't send anything else here.  i won't get it haha. 

thats basically it for this week. its been really hot and then really rainy... i think we have a new mission president haha.  I think he got here yesterday.  i don't know.  but i guess i will meet him in a month!  

have fun at the family reunion.  Congratulations to Rylee for her baptism! so exciting.  

Lots of love
Sister Cole

PS. sorry no pics. they all got a virus. 

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