Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Wow. this week was so eventful.  I don't even have the energy to write about half of it!

Sister Howell and I just always have adventures haha.  This last week has been a big one.
 We have about 7 or 8 focus people that have been to church a few times and we are really pushing them towards baptism. Hopefully a few before we leave.
One of them is a recent convert's brother.  He was Hindu and is recently discovering the power of Jesus Christ. He is addicted to alcohol and smoking. Since he has been to church, he has stopped drinking. He is going on 3 weeks without drinking. We had a lesson with him on Tuesday and began the 12 step addiction program. At the beginning of the lesson he put a cigarette in a glass of water and at the end, he drank the water, which was disgusting from the cigarette. He did it so he wouldn't have the desire to smoke anymore! I was so impressed with his desire and commitment to stop. Since he drank it and began the program, he hasn't smoked for almost a whole week now.
It has been so rewarding to watch his faith in Jesus Christ grow. From day 1 until now, there has been such a big change in him and it has only been 2 weeks.
For fast Sunday, we fasted with an investigator to receive an answer. We are going to give him a challenge this week to read the Book of Mormon every day and pray, so he can receive his answer and be baptized at the end of the month.
It was definitely a blessing that we were fasting because we took the ferry over to Nevis and the water was really rough. Everyone was vomiting, luckily, we didn't have any food in our stomachs. Another blessing of fasting was when we got to the apartment and saw the black mold in the freezer. If the ferry wouldn't have made us throw up, that surely would have. In conclusion, I am very grateful for the law of fasting.
Nevis was a great experience. We were there Saturday and Sunday. We found a few good investigators that the Elders were teaching. I think they have a lot of potential. We also found a less active family. The father is an Elder and the wife is a member. The children however are not members. We didn't know really how to get a hold of them, but the Lord led us to them. We hopped on a bus and started asking around. A sweet old lady led us to their house and we were able to make an appointment to meet with them next week. Hopefully we can bring this family back, that would put the group at 10.
We also contacted our neighbor in Nevis. Before church started we went over there and invited him to come. At first he said he was busy, but he ended up putting on his church clothes and coming. It was a miracle! Church went really well. The spirit was really strong and it was a very sweet and humble meeting.
I am so grateful for the wonderful area I am called to serve in and for all of the people here. There is lots of work to be done in the next 3 weeks! Sister Howell and I will be very busy!

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