Friday, August 1, 2014


Dear Family! 

Congratulations on your bike ride.  Wow I'm so impressed!  Sounds like it was really hard but worth it!  Thanks for all the pictures!

This week was good.  It went by slowly but we did a lot of things.  The man I told you about that we were teaching and he passed away, we found his wife!  It was a miracle because he didn't live with his wife he lived somewhere else.  One day before he died we were contacting in an area and we actually saw him.  We asked him what he was doing and he said he was visiting his wife.  So this week we found out the name of his wife and we went to that area and started asking around for his wife.  Heavenly Father just lead us there.  We were asking this lady and out of no where a man came down the hill and yelled out to us where she lived.  We were able to find her house and got her permission to do his work.  So sweet James will be another baptism together in a year from now.  

We had a great lesson with an old investigator this week.  He offered to buy us ice cream so we had a lesson over ice cream, which was great because the last lesson we had with him was a little contentious but nothing is contentious over ice cream so we ended up inviting him to be baptized on july 26 and he accepted if he receives an answer by that day!  I think we should have all our lessons at the ice cream shop...

On Monday night we had a family home evening with a Guianese family in our ward.  The taught us how to make Roti.. Oh my.... its a better version of tortillas... so good.  i will make it for you all when i get back.  My favorite thing to eat here!  

We also had a birthday dinner for Sister Watkins on Wednesday at a members house so that was really fun.  

We have another investigator with a date on the 26th as well.  We've been teaching him for awhile.  Since i got here.. and he just has been off and on progressing.  we told him we were leaving in two weeks though and he was like oh man i need to get baptized now.  i need to do it while you are all here!  so that was great... nothing like a little "we're leaving...." to light a fire under him.  We weren't able to teach him all week but he came to church on Sunday and he talked about his baptism so he is doing well!

Our recent convert gave a great talk on scripture study on sunday.  i was so impressed!  i don't know how he learned everything  because we definitely didn't teach him all that!  He is really progressing!  He even talked to his neighbor about the gospel and gave him a book of mormon and a liahona.  He invited him over for family home evening and he is going to give the lesson on thursday with his family!

President Boucher and his wife and the APs came on Thursday so that was a lot of fun.  We went over to Nevis to go check it out.  The Bouchers are really nice.  They are from Holiday Utah.  Im sad i won't be here very long with them.  

One of the member in the branch is going to byu idaho and she talked to her friend about going there also.  Her friend has been coming to institute for the past few weeks and she came to chruch on sunday!  hopefully we will be able to start teaching her soon... 

We went over to teach the little boys we baptized this month.  Last time we taught missionary work and we gave them the assignment to teach us.  So they taught us and it was so cute.  They planned all these games for us to play to teach us the gospel haha.  While we were there though, we got a flat tire!  Luckily, tender mercy from Heavenly Father, their home teachers were there so they could change it for us!  Moral of the story.. Do your home teaching!! haha

We've been teaching this carpenter for a few weeks now.  He is very smart and reads the book of mormon all the time. its kind of hard to teach him because he just talks about all this stuff from the bible and doesn't let us get very many words in.  After about twenty minutes of him talking and us not really being able to teach the final lesson, we were getting a little distracted and discouraged but i didn't want to leave until we taught what we needed to and invited him to be baptized.  so finally we did and he said well if i got an answer i would have to be baptized, of course!  so we were really excited about that.  took a lot of patience but it was worth it!

We were able to go to another one of our old investigators homes this week.  She works at the bakery.  We stop by like every day to eat coconut drops. They are so good. Anyways she said she would give us the reciepe for them so no worries.  i will be making them every day. haha

Tonight we are going to two different family home evenings.  We are going to the sundar family.  because its the little boy mickys birthday. They are so sweet.  They always invite us to their birthday dinners!  We also went to another birthday dinner on Friday.  SO much food. it was so good though.  

We went to this investigators house whose daughter is a member and served a mission.  We were trying to approach her by asking about when her daughter was gone and what differences she saw in her before and after the mission.  Wrong question... hahaha She went off for about 10 minutes how horrilbe her daughter looked when she came back.  She was just like wow. she looked HORRIBLE!  i couldn't believe that was my daughter. no not my daughter. my daughter doesn't look like that!  She cut off all her hair. NO hair!  I would never cut my hair. my hair is my beauty!  And she was so skinny!!! 

So sister watkins goes well you probably don't think we look all that great either with our hair up and everything haha. and she goes well/... you're not skinny.  you are no where near skinny. hahahah 

I'm hoping when i get back, I dont get the same reaction from my mom? haha

This week i learned a lot about obedience over sacrifice!  1 Samuel 15.  Its a really good chapter. i encourage everyone to study it! 

We are getting a little anxious to know what is going to happen about transfers! Hopefully we will find out a little more information tonight!

Anyways i have to go! lots of love

sister cole 

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