Monday, October 28, 2013


Dear family,
I'm back in puerto rico!  The short trip to Antigua was nice, but I know that my area is Caguas and i missed speaking spanish! haha it was nice to visit my old companion though.  she's been out there in antigua since after our first transfer together like 6 months.  This week was a really slow week here because we weren't really here.  We only had about 3 days in our area.  Saturday our ward had a desert competition.  We tried to make the peach cobbler, that was a fail haha. we don't actually have an oven in our house so we had to go to a members house and it was just bad haha.  our dessert obviously did not win haha. That's too bad that grandma didn't get to enjoy all of her halloween party.  I hope she is ok.  Sounds like the kids still enjoyed it though.  I bet Jayden just loved the puppy.  too cute.  On halloween here we are coming in at 6 for safety reasons.  but we decorated our apartment with the stuff lauren sent me!  its just super cute!
This week i've been studying about our purpose in coming to earth in the plan of salvation.  Three things that our Heavenly Father had in the premortal life that we didn't have yet were 1. a perfect body and intelligence 2. a perfect relationship 3. an eternal posterity.  We came to earth because we decided that we also wanted these three things, and the plan of salvation is how we can have them.  We have been given a physical body and intelligence, a spouse, and children to learn how to perfect them.  But we can't have these three things without the blessings of the temple.  If we truly understood how important these three things are, we wouldn't have trouble keeping the commandments that God has given us, as they all protect these three gifts. Anyways i've just been thinking about that this week and thought i would share it. 
I hope that everyone is doing well.  I love you all!! xoxo
hermana cole
ps. going to the beach is not breaking the rules, we didn't touch the water!!

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