Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Dear Family,
The time is going by so fast!  I've almost been out for 8 months already.  Crazy!  This week was kind of a slower week.  We still have two investigators with baptism dates and a couple investigators that are close to accepting a date.  This week hermana Guizado and I made a huge poster for ward missionary work.  I went a little cheerleader on it haha.  But I think its really going to help the members be more involved.  We already have a lot of citas this week with member present.  And we are recieving more references from members.  So its starting to pick up a bit.  On the 17th of November we're having a special sacrament meeting and everyone is invited to bring someone to church.  So we are really hoping the members will.  They seem excited about it so I think we will get a good turn out. 
  For halloween we had to come in a little early for safety.  So we didn't do anything but eat the candy Lauren gave us! haha But Puerto Rico is crazy about Christmas, all the decorations are up and the festivities have begun!  They basically celebrate from November until the end of January haha. 
 Saturday we had a service project for the Mormon hands.  We went to an old peoples home ( i don't remember what they are called in english)  and we did yard work and then visited with the people.  One of the members in the ward sings Mariachi so he sang and played his guitar for them.  They really liked it. 
Sunday we had a lot of people come to church!  Half of the people we visited this week came so that was really exciting.  we are starting to establish our area better so we are feeling more confident here.
Thats fun that you went to Vegas.  I bet its probably still warmer here than it is there haha.  Loved the pictures of serendipity.  Sorry I don't have time to write everyone back personally but i really enjoy reading all of everyones letters so thank you!  I hope everyone is doing well.  Scripture story for the week is Alma 58 9-12.  How we can go from Fear to Courage!
con amor
hermana cole

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