Monday, November 18, 2013


hello family!  how is everyone doing!  i cant believe there is already snow in utah crazy!  it is nice and warm here like always haha. 
   This week we've been working a lot with the less active members of the ward. The bishop gave us a few references and we've started to work with them so we hope we will be able to find some new investigators that way.  Things are a little slow here but last p-day I we had a special confirmation that we are the Lord’s servants.  We were eating lunch in Costco and when we were blessing the food, we asked that if there was anyone there that needed our help, if they would be able to recognize us.  As soon as we finished our prayer, two people walked up to us and asked us if were were missionaries.  They were members from our ward that have been inactive for a while.  Heavenly Father is aware of where we are and will always put people who need us in our path, we just need to find them!  So we are faithful in finding more people that need our help! 
    We still have our cute little grandma that is going to be baptized in December.  She is seriously the funniest thing, I wish you guys could meet her.  The good news is I'm staying in Caguas with my companion for at least another 6 weeks so we will be here for her baptism! yay!  Our special sacrament meeting went well.  The ward did a great job with planning good talks focused on the restoration of the gospel and musical numbers.  There were a few people who brought friends.  They don't live in our area but the important thing is that they brought them!  So that was really awesome.  We want to have more special sacrament meetings, maybe like one every month or two. 
    For thanksgiving we are having our conference and the mission is giving us a thanksgiving dinner. I think we having turkey stuffed with mofongo, which should be interesting haha, and rice and beans.  So kind of liek thanksgiving!  But it should be really nice. 
    Anyways things are going really well here.  We are all happy :)  I still haven't been taking any pictures but i will try to take some this week maybe haha.  Well I hope everyone has fun in Mexico!  Super jealous!  Practice your spanish ;) haha 
    This week I've been reading in the book of Helaman.  Where Nephi and Lehi preach the gospel and the Samuel the Lamanite preaches the gospel to the Nephites.  It really focuses on warning us of our pride.  Pride has been and will always be one of the greatest downfall of man.  Remember to always glory in our Heavenly Father and what he has given us an beware of our own intelligence and pride. 
lots of love from the carribean
hermana cole

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