Thursday, December 5, 2013


Dear family,
 i can't even keep up with all the fun and exciting things you are all doing.  california, disney, mexico... just too much excitment going on.  I got the Thanksgiving pacakge! thank you!! i love it all.  we are going to have a nice little thanksgiving dinner on thursday with a less active family with the plates and decorations and stuff.  i'm excited! we will send pics!  So sorry i didn't write yesterday.  we had a mission leadership conferernce on the other side of the island with Elder Cornish of the area presidency so we get to do the things we couldnt yesterday, today!  anyways so something that I learned in the meeting yesterday was the reality of God's laws.  Elder Cornish took a book and dropped it on the table.  Then he asked us if we thought the book would fall again if he dropped it again.  He repeated it various times, and of course every time the book fell to the table.  His point being that the book will always fall because it is the law of gravity.  It doesn't matter if you don't believe that it will fall or you have faith that it wont fall, the law of gravity causes it to fall every time.  Our Heavenly Father is a God of law and order.  The law is we cannot enter into the Celestial Kingdom if we are not baptized and if we do not keep our baptismal covenant.  The law doesn't change, regardless if we believe it or not.  It's our responsibility to help eachother understand this law and live by it.  This really gave a whole new perspective to my purpose as a missionary.  I invite you to think of someone you know and love, and help them find the path to baptism, so they can live in the presence of Heavenly Father. 
This week we taught a woman that we had contacted earlier.  The first time we contacted her we were walking by her house and she called out to us and said I don't believe Christ came to the Americas.  So we approached her and started to talk to her.  We ended up having a nice friendly conversation and she told us that she wanted to cook for us one day.  So we passed by the next week and the first thing she told us was that she quit smoking.  We hadn't even mentioned anything about the word of wisdom or really anything about the gospel yet so we were really surprised when she told us that.  This week we taught her our first lesson and the beginning she told us that she wasn't baptized because she wanted to be baptized like Jesus Christ fully summerged in the water.  She started asking us a bunch of quetions and asked us if we could offer a kneeling prayer haha.  She kept asking us questions before we even had the chance.  When we were teaching her, the spirit was so strong.  Heavenly Father has truly prepared her to find His restored church! 
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I was pondering 3 Nephi 5:20 and 5:13.  these two scriptures really impacted me. I am so grateful for the sacrifices that my ancestors and my family have made for me so that I can have the knowledge of the restored gospel and share it with others.  Thank you for all your sacrifices and support!  I love you all and will be thinking of you Thursday!
hermana cole

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