Tuesday, October 22, 2013


hello family!
this week was kind of slow because i had like three different training meetings but we are slowly coming along here in caguas.  we have the baptism dates still but none of them came to church so we are still working on helping them keep all of their committments!  The weather is still the same.  I don't think it ever changes haha.  Tomorrow I'm going to St. Thomas and Antiga for some training but I will be back in Caguas on Thursday.  I'm a little worried about leaving my area for so long but we will just have to work extra hard the days that we will be here.  We have a member who is coming back to church after 15 years of being inactive.  She's going so strong!  Its so exciting to see her discover the gospel again and remember everything she felt when she was baptized.  We left the restoration video with her and she told us she watched it 3 times in 1 day haha. 
My spanish is stll horrible haha.  I really just can't say my rs but its ok.  My companion says they are getting better.  This weekend our ward is having a dessert contest.  I'm not sure what we are making yet.  The ward mission leader really wants me to make some peach cobbler haha.  Probably will just make cookies. 
Sounds like you all had a really exciting week with everyones birthdays and the zombie dance.  Crazy that the cheerleaders acn stunt now.  Thats awesome.  Grandmas halloween party sounds like it is going to be super fun!  I am jealous!  Lauren sent me lots of halloween treats though so we are going to decorate all nice and cute!  I'm glad the dogs are doing well.  I miss all the puppies. 
Tonight we are doing another big family home evening so we will see how that goes!  We are going to do an activity with the tree of life.  I really dont have any pictures to send.  I dont' like taking them haha. But i will try to be better at it. 
I hope that Michelle and Dad had a great birthday!! Happy birthdayyyy!!! I love you all!!!
love hna cole

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