Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello family!
Another great week in Puerto Rico!  I only have a few minutes because i spent all the time looking at pictures of the little puppies.  So cute.  I am so jealous!!! I miss all the puppies.  But everyone here has a dog so i play with them.  I especially like the huge great danes that one of my investigator has.  They are so big and cute!  Anyways, highlights of the week
umm we have 3 baptismal dates!! yay we have one investigator that is 84 years old.  The missionaries have been visiting her for more than 20 years.  All her family are members.  She was really sick this last week and her grandson offered her a priesthood blessing.  After the blessing she asked him to baptize her.  She said the time has finally come and after all these years she's recieved an answer, she said she could feel Christ through the blessing.  It was a really awesome testimony builder.  I don't remember who said it in conference I think it was President Eyering but he said that Heavenly Father always has a plan to save his children.  No matter if it takes 3 months or 26 years, Heavenly Father will help us save our brothers and sisters, with our continued prayers and efforts.  I also loved how Elder Ballard invited everyone to find someone the missionaries could teach by Christmas.  Members and Missionaries are a team!  So I invite all of you to do his invitiation and find someone to share the gospel with!  Well I don't have anymore time.  That is so fun you went to lunch with the Santos.  They are really great!  And everyone says my accent sounds like I'm from Russia or Germany haha I'm still working on that.  Anyways im not transferring but i am training again so i am looking forward to that!!

hermana cole

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