Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Dear family
im sorry I never write very much haha I will be better at it.  im just so bussyyy.  anyways im still in Caguas.  and im training a new sister from mexico! yay im so excited because we are going to eat Mexican food.  I miss Mexican food haha.  and im actually going to learn proper Spanish! haha we're working on my rs. because they are still terrible haha.  anyways we have 4 baptismal dates right now.  so we are focusing on helping them keep their commitments! Yesterday we had an inactive member go to church! so that was a miracle!  we also had our investigator that's 84 come to church with her grandson.  that was really exciting.  She's the cutest lady ever.  She's tooo funny.  we have a baptismal date for a woman we've been teaching for a while too!  we just need her to come to church!  anyways im sorry im so horrible at keeping everyone updated haha and sending pictures.  I don't like taking pictures because everyone in this mission gains weight. average is 30+  pounds its inevitable.
looks like you all had lots of fun in Oregon on the beach and everything.  it looks a little chiller than the beaches here hahaha its still nice and warm here.. all year round :) everyone's hair looks so much longer! aka spencer haha  and everyone is looking great :0 thanks for all the pictures :) its fun to see what you are all doing.  I hope everything is going well. 

mucho amorrr

Hermana cole

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