Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hello family! 
So I made it through another week.  This week went by much faster, which is good cause sometimes I feel like a year and a half will take forever and the rate Im going haha.  Sounds like everyone is very busy still, I know I say that in every email but its true!  Its been raining a lot here and I got completely drenched.  We aren't very good missionaries I guess because no one would let us in even when it was pouring, so we just had to keep going in the rain for a few hours.  At least it wasn't cold rain.  I didn't mind it too much.  My companion and I are holding up haha.  Its hard with our lack of spanish.  Talking on the phone is the hardest I think, I can't understand a word they say! We are baptizing a mom and her two daughters and a friend this Saturday so I hope it pulls through! I am super excited!  I will send lots of pics.  Its still a little overwhelming but we are starting to get used to it.  We wake up at 5:50 every morning and go to bed at 10:30.  I feel like its not enough sleep! haha but my body is adjusting.  The bug bites are ok, I just need to make sure I always put spray on because there have been a few missionaries that have gotten dengue.  I still suck at riding a bike haha.  My skirt got caught in the tire two days ago and ripped it a little.  We do wear like leggings under the bike though and I tie it up.  Its just still hard!  The roads are ok, they are definitely better than the roads in the Dominican.  We ride our bike all day but everyone says they've still gained literally 20 pounds or more.  I've yet to have a Puerto Rican meal yet so I think im still ok.  Yes we are the only missionaries in our area.  Each companionship has their own area they cover.  But we live with two other girls.  One is from Mexico and the other is from Columbia.  I usually don't have any problems understanding their spanish, but the Puerto Ricans speak so fast!  

I don't have like any time to write but i will try my best to write back eventually to everyone. And Sunday is Mother's Day! Yayyy! Happy early Mothers day! Well thats about all I have time for today.  I love and miss you all.  Thanks for all the emails and support!  In the next package send snacks!  And maybe some shirts and anything else you want.  I will think of some stuff maybe and let you know.  Thanks! This week we've been studying a lot about the atonement of Christ and what exactly it means.  I really liked the scriptures in Mosiah 14: 1-7 that talks about it, so I encourage everyone to read it and ponder about what it means to you!  Lovessss!! Can't wait to talk to everyone on Sunday! 
Hermana Cole

Cute sister missionaries
Study time
Tying up the skirt to ride 
Cute biker 
Her companion
Popped tire 
They got lost and had to be picked up, and then had to take their bikes apart to fit in the car!
These hermanas look exhausted!

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