Monday, April 29, 2013

Puerto Rico

Hermana Cole is finally in Puerto Rico!

so i made it my first week.. barely.  extremely tired and sore bruises and bug bites galore, and im always hungry! its been so crazy.  so i got to puerto rico and surprise! im the lucky one who gets to train herself haha... in a new area.. My companion's name is Hermana Howell. We were in the mtc together.  She was in the other district though, but we know each other.  She's been speaking spanish for 7 weeks.. so you can imagine how well we teach with our limited vocabulary and communication skills.  When I got here, I had to wait for a few hours to find out what was going on.  There were two flights to puerto rico, so some of us from the mtc were on the later one.  I was on the earlier one with the majority of people.  When i got here everyone met their companions but me.. they kept telling me mine was coming but didn't tell me what was going on.  So a few hours later when the next flight came in, I met my new companion.  We were both in shock.  They told us that we are opening a new area.  There hasn't been any sisters there for at least 6 years, so there is a ton of work to be done and not much help in our area book.  Even if there was neither of us know very much about how to use it yet.  But we are learning very fast!  The first day instead of going to the mission home for interviews and stuff we went out into the field.  My companion and I live with two native speaking sisters who have been out for about a year.  They helped us that first day and then we were on our own figuring out stuff.  President told them that they aren't our trainers, more like our moms.  On wednesday we went to the mission home for interviews and meetings and had a nice dinner with the President and his wife.  He is super nice and friendly and has a lot of trust in us.  He said that it is going to be really hard for us to learn everything on our own and not speak very much spanish, but that that's what the Lord wanted for us.  I thought that we had to train ourselves because there weren't enough sister missionaries but there are.  We just get to train ourselves because that's what we are supposed to do!  So you can imagine how difficult the first few days have been.. haha.  We've been pretty good at keeping a positive attitude and trying not to be too stressed and overwhelmed.  We are learning really fast on how to rely completely on the spirit.  We've been led to a few people already that are prepared for the gospel and we already have one baptismal date!  I am so excited!  I was really nervous to ask her to be baptized because I thought it was really soon, but she was really excited and really wants to be.  I have to remember that we are all baptized when we are 8 years old, and you don't need to have a ton of knowledge, just a desire to follow Christ.  So hopefully we can prepare her by the 11th!  She has a few kids and a husband and we are working with them too but I'm not sure they will be ready by the 11th.  Anyways.. that was a really good experience, but that night my bike tire popped and we got stuck at a shopping place and our "moms" had to pick us up.  I guess i ran over a tiny earring and it really put a big hole in it.  So the zone leader took it back to get fixed so i don't have a bike for a few days.  Speaking of bikes.. apparently i have no idea how to ride one.  It is so hard in a skirt.  Also there are more hills than imaginable here and we have to get off and walk them for a while.  I think that our area needs a car because we cover three cities and we can't even get out of the first one on a bike.  Its like 15 minutes away in a car! So we have some problems there haha but we are working on finding members to give us rides.  The problem is theres only one or two women near us in the ward.  So hopefully we will get a car in the next few weeks.. probably not though. So i need to learn how to ride a bike.  It really has been so crazy the last few days but we are trying our best.  Hopefully next week we will start getting a hang of things.. and maybe speak more spanish. If sending packages, tape the edges of the box and put a picture of Jesus on the box.  Supposedly people have a harder time opening packages when there is a picture of Jesus on it! hahaI got all the dental problems figured out and I sent you a few pictures of me and a girl from the mtc after the dentist cause the dentist took us to get wendys! Best food ever.  I will try to send a few more pictures if i can!  i don't have much time.  Keep sending letters and emails.  Sorry if it takes me forever to write back.. it takes me like 4 days to just read a letter becasue there is no time at all to even sit.  I hope you guys are all doing well.  And I love you all!  Thanks for all the support.  we get to talk on Mothers Day in 2 weeks!  yay1  ps michelle send this to the list because i am only allowed to email immediate family members now, but they can still email me!  And thanks Chito for telling me to read the sons of Mosiah story in the Book of Mormon, it has really helped this past week! I will keep you all in my prayers! Loves xoxo   

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