Friday, April 26, 2013

April 18th

Sorry I forgot to post her last letter! Below is Hermana Cole's letter from April 18th.

hola familia
so im almost done with the mtc! yayy im so excited to get out into the field! on friday we went on splits out in the real world.  it was so awesome.  way better than the mtc.  i even got to see the ocean pretty close because it was across the street from some of the houses! it was so pretty!  So we tried to visit some people to teach lessons but they werent home so we ended up contacting people and inviting them to attend church.  then we knocked on one door and it was a members house so we talked to her for about 15 minutes and gave her a little message.  it was awesome because i could understand a lot of what she was saying and communicate with her.  im super excited to be out in the field! on sunday we got to meet our mission president because he came to the temple.  He is so awesome and im sad i will only get him until July.  He said that we have a ton of work to do in Puerto Rico and that we will be expected to do more than those before.  So they dont have very many girls there now so some of us will have to be companions with eachother and not have a trainer.  Some of us will have to open new areas and stuff and some of us will be trainers after 6 weeks.  That is so crazy.  Im a little nervous but I he had a lot of confidence that we would be able to do it.  Basically the Holy Ghost is our trainer, which is good because thats the best training you will get!  Monday i was flossing and as you know part of my tooth fell out so im in the process of getting that all fixed.. im going to a really nice dentist so i think it should be good.. my mouth feels normal so far.. except for my wisdom teeth holes started bleeding but they are fine now, just inflamed  but the dentist said they are healing.  umm.. what else.. haha i leave for Puerto Rico on Tuesday probably really early in the morning.  Im not sure if im going to be able to call but if i do it will be like 4 in the morning your time maybe idk what time the flight is.  but if i call you better answer! i dont know my companion and i dont know if i will be with one of the girls in the mtc or not yet.  one of the sisters there said its getting pretty hot and the mosquitos eat you alive so send me the bug spray!1 we don't get to see the dr really.  well actually we are goign on splits tomorrow again so i will see more tomorrow.  

its hard to believe its still cold there it is beautiful weather here!  the food is alright except for the left over soup.  they say the average weight gain is 35-40 pounds in puerto rico so im not about to let that happen.  and fyi i have not gained any weight yet haha 

i will send letters in response to everyones emails when i get the chance.  i haven't gotten grandmas letter so hopefully they forward it to me if it ever comes.  dont send any more dear elders or any letters here i wont get them.  send to puerto rico.  thanks for all the emails and stuff i really appreciate the love and support.  Thursday mornings are the best when i get to look at all my emails!! oh but p day is puerto rico is monday so i cant write until the next monday so like a week and a half.  I can't believe Logan is going to England too thats awesome!!! Tell him congrats i will try to write him a letter when i get around to it!  

i cant send pictures so you are going to have to wait like a week.  i did more family names at the temple today but i wont be going to the temple for another year and a half but there are still names ready. well i have to go.  hopefully i can call at the airport and you don't sleep through it. but if not im sure i will email within the next week.  love you guys lots!! remember obedience brings blessings but obedience with exactness brings miracles!!! adios
con amor Hermana Cole

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