Thursday, April 11, 2013

¡New Letter!

so basically i am almost done here! tomorrrow i go on splits with the real missionaries.  Im super nervous but way excited.  I guess i will find out how much i dont know tomorrow. The week went by pretty fast.  Friday we went contacting at the university so that was pretty cool.  Everyone is super nice and friendly.  We talked to one guy for like a half an hour.  Saturday and Sunday were awesome because it was conference and one of the senor missionary couples made us cinnamon roles so that was just really nice.  And it was a super relaxed but spiritually full day!  Conference was awesome.  Everyone says conference is the best when youre in the mission because its the only time you ever really listen haha.  but ya i really enjoyed all of the messages. Monday we picked up trash at the university again and a girl came up and talked to us for an hour about the gospel.  She was just really interested in the church because of our examples of picking up garbage haha.  So always be a good example!  It was funny because she said what we were saying really wasn{t making that much sense because our spanish isnt good but she said she felt goose bumps and felt happy when she talked to us so that was a really cool experience.  Umm Tuesday we watched an awesome devotional that changed my perspective on a lot of things.  One of the best talks I{ve ever heard but its not available to the public yet becuase it was an mtc talk.  But It was Elder Bednar speaking on learning of Christ not just about him.  We looked of the characteristics of Christ through the Bible stories.  Christ always looked outward and never inward.  I wish I could explain it like he can!  But whenever you struggle or any other time we need to focus on others and not on what we need.  Anyways it was a lot better than im making it sound.  Yesterday was the best because it was two peoples birthdays and we had cake and ice cream!! It was so good.  Oh and we had hamburgers!  So ya it was a good day in the food world.  Wasnt red velvet cake but at least it was cake.  And today we went to the temple and I took some of our family names.  And next week Im taking some more! So thats fun.  Also I did some of the session in spanish and was able to understand a lot of it.  My spanish is improving a little.  Mainly my speaking and stuff and Im starting to get a little Dominican accent haha.  Im so excited that Dallin is home now!  That went by pretty fast actually.  So im not too worried about me out here.  And my guess for  Logan is Mississippi!  or some place in the south! Or if its international.. Puerto Rico!! Or maybe the DR! haha i hope!  My address for Puerto Rico is on the little cards we made i dont{ have it with me right now.  Also just send all mail there now.  Dont send anything here anymore.  Even Dear elders.  I enjoy all of the pictures so thank you so much!  

Thank you for all the love and support and stuff. I will try to send more pics if i can!!  Love you guys!! Mucho amor !!! Hermana Cole

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