Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 3 Recap

New letter from the Hermana

So Ive made it another week. Now Im on my downward slope of the mtc. Which is actually freaking me out because i still have soo much to learn. Also the whole spanish language. This past week went by much faster than the first. Last Friday instead of going to the university we went to the park because it was easter so the school was closed. So that was a good experience. I felt like a real missionary for once. At first i was super nervous to go talk to people but my companion helped me get over that and we talked to one of the guards. We just gave him a pamphlet and talked for a few minutes. He was really nice. I didn't give him much time to talk though I was so nervous I just spit it all out in spanish and said adios! ha ha I was surprised at how well the spanish came out though. After we just went and talked to all the guards and all of them were super nice and listened and all of them took our pamphlets. Probably because they felt bad for us haha but watevs at least they have them. And we even saw them actually reading them after so yay! But it was a good experieces. I can't understand them liked at all when they talk though. i can say whatever i need to with what i know but understanding is a differnt story. so hopefully i will get used to it.

Sunday was an awesome day.  It was Easter so i made a mini easter egg hunt with the cadbury eggs so that was cute and fun.  then we had church and for our doctrine calss we talked more about the plan of salvation.  one of the counselors gave a good talk about God{s angels behind enemy lines refering to the people that are waiting to hear our message!  After we watched a movie on teh Resurrection and had some sort of Easter dinner.  Then we watched a MTC provo devotional.  One of the best ive heard! Elder Bednar spoke on how to determine wheter its the spirit or just me.  His response was Quit worrying about it and press forward in faith.  His point being that as long as we are being a good boy or girl and keeping our covenants , the spirit will guide us and put thoughts into our minds.  The more we listen to the spirit, the more the spirit trusts us and doesn{t need to give us huge impressions every time.  So quit worrying and analyzing everything and just be a good girl!  It was an awesome talk.  After we jsut did our little temple and ice cream walk.  

Monday for our service activity we went to the university to pick up garbage wo we wore our jeans and jeans are the worst thing in the world here.  so hotttt.  But it was cool because we had at least four different grups of people just come up to us and talk to us while we were cleaning.  These two guys came up and started talking to us trying to get our numbers and add us on facebook it was funny.  I cuoldn{t understand them to well but I tried to explain that we were missionaries and I ended up sharing a message and getting their numbers!  One guy seemed interested and the other probably just thought wed be the ones teaching them haha.  Esta bien we still got their numbers to contact them! And i got to be a missionary.  We are going to the university tomorrow too to hand out pamphlets and share our testimonies so im not so nervous for that anymore. 

Tuesday we watched a devotional by President Uchtdorf.  It was really good too.  One thing he said that really stuck out to me was God has prepared people to recieve the gospel but we wont meet them unitl we are prepared to meet them.  So we have to do everything we cvan to prepare ourselves for these people who are waiting for us. 
I appreciate everyones emails and letters!  i will wirte back to everyone in letter form when i can but keep them coming.  i like having stuff to read in the week! also i will try to send more pics if i can. 
much amor

Maybe her companion? Twinners

Yes, she brought Zeke and Daphanie with her

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