Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week Two Complete!

New letter from our hermana!

Como estan! So Im a third of the way done with the mtc.  Tots cray.  Im learning a lot! My spanish is struggling a little becuase  Ifeel like I{m not learning enough but that just means i need to work harder in my personal study.  I am forgettting how to speak proper english because all i hear all day is spanish or broken english from my teachers.  One of my teachers is Fez from thats 70 show.  I think he seriously is haha. its funny.  I am gettting a little better at teaching, well just more comfortable with it.  Its hard when you know what you want to say but you don{t know how to in spanish.  On Monday my companion and I taught a senor missinoary couple.  It was a little more intimidating than our teachers, but they were nice and helpful adn gave us some no bake cookies!  Oh speaking of food.. You will never believe the nasty they tried to feed me.  So i go get the plate of food and it was rice and beans and meat and it looked like noodles with the meat.  NOpe not noodles.  Bones.  Like a plate of bones shaped like little noodles with meat sauce.  So apparently people here enjhoy sucking on the bones and sucking out all the marrow.  I about died.  The grosse4st.  And no i did not try it nor will i ever.  After that i think the mtc presidents wife talked to the cook to make it a little more American because the next night we had hamburgers.  and our food has been good lately.

So friday we didn{t go to the university we are going tomorrow.  Im nervous but apparently everyone is super nice and they like talking to us.  Sunday was a really good day.  we have church adn then doctrine class and we watch a church movie.  This week we watched Joseph Smith and teh Restoration.  Ive seen it a few times before, but this time I waws much more intune to the sotry and am so amazed by all that was sacrificed for us today,  So we could preach the gospel with religous freedom. At the end it says Joseph Smith lived and died for the cuase of truth.  Shall we not go on in such great a cause.  It really hit me how important my calling is.  Every sacrifice was preparing the world for our time, the greatest generation of missionary work.  Where our generations and generations to come will not fail!  

So anyways Monday we went to the store, kind of like a kmart.  we only get to go once while we are here.  i got all this stuff to organized my scripture study so Im excited about that.  Oh also they had a yogurtland! Different than our haha but soo good I will try to send some pictures today.  OH andf I had my first experience as a missionary at the store.  BOMBED it!! I was with one of the girls in our group and we were walking back to our companions and this sweet old guy stopped us and was like are you guys mormons_ and we were like in shock.  IDk why haha we just werent expecting it.  And we were like yes.  and he said his grandparents and parents were mormon.  So the girl i was with who doesnt know very much spanish w3as like quieres ser momon haha it was supppp awk.  he just laughed and said no.  I tried to save it with the little spanish i know but he just kept saying when his arm healed from surgry he would have the missionaries then said God bless you and left haha.  So obviously we have lots to learn about how to be a missionary. But the sto4re was fun the only time i will ever get out of the temple gated area.  The drivers are craZy here so im glad i dont have to drive.  Tuesday morning all of the Dominicans in the mtc left for the field so after we had to clean the mtc and stuff and prepare for the next group of missionaries.  we have 17 new north americans and they are all girls.  so we are two thirds girls.  so we had to switch rooms with all the elders because there are more elder rooms than girl rooms.  and let me tell you boys stink!! we cant walk in our room without gagging from the smell lingering in the bathroom and we cant get rid of it!! we also have 13 new Haitian missionaries.  They got here last nighty.  They dont really know spanish or English so its hard to communicate.  So i just say bonjour and resort to grandmas hand motions!! Theyre a lot older and have given up so much to be here.  Its was awesome.  The mtc presient said they all have amazing conversion stories so i need to figure out a better way to communicate to hear them. They are all going to Haiti only haitains can go there because its so dangerous.  all the north americans got in super late last night so i havent really met them yet but i went to chiapas mexico with one so thats fun. 

I think this mtc is probably nicer in some ways but the provo mtc is more structures do most of our learning here is dependent on your personal study.  which is good and bad.  I hasv ent seen any bugs yet, knock on wood im justy not going to look.  

I miss everyone and hope you guys are all well.  Give the puppies kisseys for me.  I sleep with them every night.  oh also just forget about sending letters and packages here.  I dont think they will ever come just use dear elder adn email.  and then a week before i leave you can send stuff to the puerto rico mission home.  dont forget to.  thanks for all the love and support.  Have a great Easter weekend!  I will be thinking of you all and how much Christ sacrificed for us.  He lived and died for our salvation adn we will one day live with Him again!! Happy Easter!! 

Hermana Cole
PS the keyboard is different and i dont{ have time to worry about it so sorry for all the crappy typing and stuff.
 Loves i will try to send pics   

(In case you were missing her pig face snap chats...)

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