Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Week

Below are bits from Hermana Cole's letter recapping her first week out on the mission!

It has officially been a week since i've been gone.  The most crazy, spiritual, harderst, LONGEST week ever! haha P day is like christmas. i get just as excited on p day eve as i do on christmas eve. So first day we got in super late and stuff so we just went to bed.  Then thursday we had orientation and that lasted foreves.  Friday was like the first real day. We wake up sup early at like 6 and shower and what not.  Go to breakfast at 7.  They usually have something good but i just eat raisin bran and bananas because we eats lots of carbs here.  After breakfast we have personal study for an hour and then companion study.

After comp study we have spanish class.  They only one spanish level so i usually am sup bored because i already know it.  Its frustrating.  I wish i could skip like two weeks and only be here for 4.  Our gospel study is kind of incorporated with the spanish so i don't really know just class until lunch.  Our class is just with our district of 8 people so its pretty intimate.  Our teachers are rm dominicans.  They are cool and love baseball.  Everything has to do with baseball.  Two nights ago was some huge baseball tourny and the dominicans won like the whole thing and were having parties on the beach so i kept waking up in the middle of the night becuase i could hear the screaming.  Its funny.  Lunch is their big meal.  They like rice and beans.  And i feel like im going to get fat.  but there is always tons of bananas and pinneaple which is my fav.  After lunch is class and we do more language stuff and plan our lesson for our investigator "Secundino" in spanish.  After a few hours of that we get an hour of exercise.  Everyone likes to play volleyball but coed volleyball is my least favorite thing in the world.  So for the first few days i just sat there.  But i found some people to run with me.  So we do that.  Around the temple.  We like live right on temple grounds.

OH and i just went to the temple this morning.  Its really pretty and cool.  It was in english if you were wondering.  After exerciese we plan more for our lesson and then we teach it.  Its really kind of fun actually.  I like speaking in spanish and the gift of tongues is for sure real becasue i don't know where half the stuff i say comes from.  LIke we teach 45 minute lessons completely in spanish about hard stuff so im proud of myself.  after that we plan for te next day and have prayer with everyone there is like 50 people here half dominicans and half americans.  Some haitans are coming in a week i think.  That will be interesting to have 3 languages here.  Apparently they don't have any clothes and stuff so i might give up an outfit if they need some.

Oh something funny. but sad.  A guy in my district apparently didn't chew his meat and then it got stuck in his throat so he had to go to like 3 hospitials finding someone who could shove it down to his stomach.  Moral of the story chew you meat.  we can only take pictures on p day so i don't have any yet but i will send some next week.  its really pretty and warm here. Also tell everyone thank you for writing me i dont' have much time to write back but i will get to it.  i have to go now.  we only have a half hour. boo but i love you all very much ! thanks for your support and love.  Remember to pray always and ponder what you study!
Con amor,
hermana cole

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