Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

We got to skype with Hermana Cole yesterday for Mother's Day! It was so great to see her bubbly face and hear her voice. She is doing so great!

Hello family!  It was so great to talk to you guys yesterday!  Im so glad everything worked.  I was worried we weren't going to be able to skype because no one here has internet at their house, but we were able to go to a members house with the other sisters in their area.  I forgot to say Happy Mother's day.. haha oops.. Happy Mother's Day!! I sent a little card so you should be getting that soon.  I'm not sure how long the mail takes to get to you guys.  I still haven't gotten any mail for two weeks.. But I should be getting it tomorrow, so I hope there is something in the mail!! Send letters too!  
You all look great and it was fun to have everyone there.  I miss the little puppies so it was good to see them too!  The weeks are going by so much faster now.  But it feels like I've been here a little longer than two months.. OH today is my two month mark! yay we are going to coldstone to celebrate :) yay.  And don't worry about me.  I am safe! I promise the water is good here.  Everything is pretty clean.  I'm getting better at riding a bike.  There is a ton of rain though. Nothing like Utah rain.  The streets are literally like lakes and you step in the water and its moving so fast it shoots up at you.  I have to change my clothes like twice a day.  Maybe a rain jacket would be nice.  I don't really know what else I can do about it haha.  I made a list of some stuff that I could use.  You don't have to send it all at once. Ahh i left it in the car..  well i can remember a little.  So snacks would be nice.  We dont have enough money to really buy any.  So like maybe some of those green nature valley granola bars from costco and any other snacks from costco.  Just food! And like maybe some simple recipes we could make.  I can't look up anything so it drives me crazy!  But just like simple little meals.  Im sick of pb and js for dinner.  Plus i think its making me fat.  Umm lets see what else.. maybe some face wash, and some like shoe odor powder or something.  My shoes stink from getting all wet muddy and then drying.  And those costco shoes are the best so far! haha so maybe something like that a cute little durable water proof shoe.. preferably not black cause i already have black.  Or maybe some born flats they have some cute ones of those ive seen some girls have with like bows on the top.  Some comfy shirts too that will go with my skirts.  umm an sd card reader so i can sender pictures.  some light weight leggings i can wear under my skirts.  Super light weight cause its hot!  Some cds of church music or the cheesy efy type. We don't have any thing to listen to.  These a few songs i downloaded on my cmoputer but forgot to burn before i left michelle could burn for me.  Maybe like a little photo album with some pictures in it.  People like to see pictures of the family and stuff and pictures of us when we were younger. so just like lots of older pictures of memories and stuff.  I think thats all for now.  I know i was complaining a lot yesterday haha.  Its really not as bad as it sounds.  We are learning a lot and improving everyday.  Our teaching skills could use some improvement but we are working on that.  I think it will be nice to have some visuals or some creative ways to teach stuff.  We dont have any time to think or make anything up.  Maybe if you could find a little puzzle of a temple i could use that in my lessons too.  I don't know its utah im sure they have tons of lessons and stuff to buy.  or look on pinterest.  But we are doing really well.  The baptism is planned for the 25th now.  Its good it was postponed because the girls are old enough that they should have a testimony for themselves before the family is baptized, and they are progressing a lot now.  So hopefully the 25th will work!  If you can think of any creative teaching ideas or approaches let me know.  I get stressed sometimes because there isn't enough time to organize my thoughts and put myself into my teachings.  So if you could give me some starters that would put me at peace a little.  The way we teach now isn't the most effective for me or the investigators, thats why we are trying to work on that.  This week was better though.  We took a step back to try to figure out how things work and its been really helpful.  We should have done that up front but we were trying to do everything perfect.  We are learning that it will take time to get there.  I hope we can get some more sleep! haha but i don't think we ever will there is a bird that wakes us up every morning at 415 and its hard to go back to sleep for the next hour and a half.  Maybe send me some ear plugs haha.  Also could you put more money in my personal account? Anything we need to buy thats not food or supplies has to come from our personal account.. theres a lot more than you would think.  Anyways thanks again for everything!  Tell me what your plans are going to be for the summer!  And start planning our 2014 Christmas cause i need to come back and go to the beach!! Its so beautiful!  Love you all!! In honor of Mother's Day my spiritual thought is Proverbs 31 10-31.  The power of a virtuous woman.  Thanks for being such a great example of this Mom!  Love you guys
Con amor, 
Hermana Cole 

This chica had 10 cavities! 

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