Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hello family! How is everyone this week?
So this has been a busy week!  Tuesday was transfers and now im here in Caguas!  I like it so far, the ward is awesome.  I am excited to work with them.  Its far from the beach so its a lot hotter, but its still really pretty.  My companion is Sister Stevens.  She's from Chandler, Az.  We talk about bahama bucks.  Her parents are serving up at the girls camp right now cool huh?  So you guys are just a few miles apart!  Anyways its weird not knowing the area yet so im excited to start establishing everything and get the work going!  We have a few people that we are going to try to have a baptism date for soon.  So we will be really focusing on that this next week.  We had a zone conference on thursday and Elder Anderson and his wife came and talked to us.  He is the carribean area authority.  That was really good.  They focused a lot about sacrifice.  Thats something that I think we are going to focus more on with our investigators.  In order to recieve the Lord's blessings we need to sacrifice something, whether it be our time, our possessions or our sins.  

So it sounds like everyone is doing well with school and work and everything.  Im glad you're all getting settled into your new lives and jobs.  I hope you are all enjoying your labor day and swiss days!  crazy that in two weeks i will be out for 6 months! time is going by way to fast!  And there is just so much work to do! well i hope you all enjoy your week and ponder about something that you can sacrifice for the Lord!  

hermana cole

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