Sunday, September 1, 2013


Dear Family
I am just so happy because we had a baptism on Saturday! yay it was so great. it was orginally for sunday but theres always a bunch of trials before baptism and so on saturday we had to change it to that day so it was happen.  But they were able to be baptized! And our other investigator is going to wait about another month until her mom feels more comfortable. And we have another baptismal date for the end of september with an investigator we've been working with since i got here.  And right when you start to have success you're called somewhere else haha. so tomorrow i will be headed to caguas, which is like overflow of san juan.  so it will be really different than campo here in manati.  Im sad to leave all my investigators and this area but im excited to go to caguas.  
OH i was going to tell you to check because apparently my picture is in the carribean missioary work part haha. also i will try to send photos for real this week. oh also i got lice again. or i guess i never got rid of it the first time so im still working with that.. but i found out that jasmine got it too haha so we are both struggling there.  i can't believe ally comes home on wednesday crazy!!! that went by so fast! and im already almost a third of the way done too.  its going by too fast! well i am going to try to send more pictures but i love you all.  i will give you more updates next week about my new area and everything! 

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