Sunday, September 1, 2013


hello family! 

wow i can't believe its been another week already!  crazy!  and tomorrow is my 5 month mark.  this week was really good!  we had a lot of member present lessons and we had 5 of our investigators come to church!  which is good because its hard for people to get rides.  i think we've finally figured out some legal stuff with one of the families we are teaching so we should be baptizing the little girl in two weeks!  ahhh its so frustrating that satan always puts obstacles right before a baptism.  but it just makes us work harder!  this week we had a fun family home evening with the kids that we baptized a while ago.  we made name tags for everyone in the family and they were the missionaries for the night.  we invited the bishop and his wife to come over and they were the investigators and they taught the first lesson!  The kids really liked getting dressed up like the missionaries and even memorized their parts!  
this week the front grate of our car was stolen haha. so that was weird. doesn't effect the car at all it just looks weird.  today i found a lice still living in a towell from two weeks ago.  ahhh i think they are out of my hair but apparently they can live for more than 2 weeks without blood so we are still cleaning that up haha.  
i hope that mom enjoyed her birthday!  sounds like st george is a nice little trip before school starts. and congrats to lauren and spencer for graduating yay!  send the puppies my love.  one of the members dogs had puppies and so i played with them for a little bit.. haha but dont' worry they were clean.  its been raining a little bit more this week.  we had a nice break from the rain but i think it will start up again.  the temperature is still perfect though!  i tell everyone im coming back for christmas with all the fam so better start planning for that ;) haha anyways.. so fun that stuarts family came to visit!  i bet that the twins loveedddd the puppy.  and i can't believe that joey is even taller!  he's going to me twice the height of me when i come back!  and logan is so close to leaving on his mission too!  crazy!  i am so excited for him!  this is the best time for missionary work, everything is changing!  
well you are all in my prayers!  my scripture for this week is alma 37: 44- 25!  Following Christ is the easy way to live life!  
love to all xoxo

hermana cole  

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