Monday, February 17, 2014


Hello family!  So this was kind of a crazy week!  For the first half of the week i was by myself :( haha My companion sister Rivas left early Tuesday Morning and then until i could get with a member in the afternoon i was just by myself doing my studies haha it was weird.  So Sister Watkins was supposed to come that night but she got stuck in St. Thomas so i slept by myself at the apartment haha. it was crazy!  But i was fine, just a little lonely.  Then the next day she didn't come in until 10:30 at night, so I just spent the last two days organizing the area book and fun things like that.  I watched a lot of conference talks too!  haha Then she finally came!  So so crazy that we are from san fran together.  She came to my 4 year old safari birthday party!! So find the picture for me and send it so we can make it our theme picture!! haha Anyways we only had like half a week but we got a lot done!  Lots of contacting and we have 3 baptismal dates right now.  Two of them didn't come to church though :(  so we are really working with them but i know they are going to be baptized they are great!  And she's really progressing.  So pray for my investigators pleaseee!  We need miracles in St. Kitts!! But i know that we are going to work really hard here so I am excited for the next few months! This week we found so many Dominican contacts.  Sister Watkins was really praying to be in Puerto Rico and have a spanish companion to learn spanish.  But the Lord wanted us here together haha so instead we just meet lots of Dominicans!  The Lord answers prayers in funny ways.  But its good because i need to brush up on my spanish!  well anways.. nothing else is really new.  St. kitts is still beautiful and warm.  Looks like the run was really fun!  I'm tots jealous!! And Zions sounds like a fun time too.  its fun to hear all of our ancestors histories!  Well maybe i will try to send pictures? haha i will try. 
lots of love from the carribean
sister cole

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