Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello family!!!
well i don't have much time to write because im trying to figure out stuff for byu  but...
Renee was baptized!!!!! asjdf alskdjf ;l yay!!!  It was seriously the CRAZIEST week ever.  Everything was so against her getting baptized.  Everyday was like a crazy new obstacle trying to stop her from being baptized to the point we almost cancelled.  It was 7:15 on thursday night and the baptism was supposed to be at 7:30 and we still weren't sure if it was going to happen.  But we kept praying and on our way to the baptism we were driving and we saw her and her daughter in their church clothes walking to the chapel. It really was a miracle it was so crazy! And then on sunday morning she told us that she told her sister in jamaica that she was baptized and she said she was baptized a few weeks ago too!  and they were talking about which church and she was baptized in the church!!!! they realized it was the same because of the Book of Mormon!! Renee was so excited she was like NO WAY only my church has the Book of Mormon!! Heavenly Father is really preparing her family. 
anyways sorry i don't have any time but crazy news.. Im training again.. and I'm training....sister watkins!! the craziest huh?!  I'm really excited!! anyways i have to go but i finally sent some pictures haha .  and ps lice is gone no worries.  i got rid of it ASAP!   k g2g loves byeee

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