Monday, January 20, 2014


Dear Family,
I am so glad that grandpa's hip surgrey went well.  And I hope grandma and grandpa are doing alright and recovering now.  And Chito too!  Anyways this week was good.  I feel like the days go by  a lot slower here.  Because the people here talk so much less than the puerto ricans haha.  So the lessons are so much shorter so we do a lot more contacting.  But we've found a few people to teach from contacting so we hope that will go well.  We taught a lady and her family like 3 weeks ago and then they moved and we lost contact.  But we got a referral from the church office because a lady went to and requested the missionaries, and it turns out its the same lady!  So we are excited because that means she has real interest.  So we are going to  visit her on Tuesday.  We've had some crazy lessons this week with people who really know the bible.  So its really keeping my companion and I on our toes.  But we are very grateful for the spirit because there is no other way we would've been able to survive those lessons.  But we have return appointments with both of them so we are excited, but a little nervous haha.  The culture here is so different from Puerto Rico, so its taking me awhile to get used to.  I'm not used to people asking me if Bob Marley was a prophet haha. But I'm learning. We had a really good lesson on Wednesday night with an old investigator.  All we did was watch the restoration and at the end she was crying and she said she knew how powerful the book of mormon is and she wants to be baptized.  But then when we saw her on saturday she was acting all weird and she didn't come to church, so we are kind of upset about that.  But we know that she will pull through!   We have a lot of people with potential and who will talk to us, so we just need to keep working with them.  We have a young guy, 17 years old, who is really progressing. He's just waiting for his answer.  But we know he will be baptized soon!!  He came to church on Sunday for the first time.
Thats about all the updates for our area!
My companion and I are doing really well except for the fact  that food here is so expensive!  Haha so we live off of cereal and oatmeal.  Besides that everything is good.  Last P-day we chilled at the restaurant at the beach at the Marriot haha. Just living the high life over here in St. Kitts.
love from the carribean
sister cole

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